Lucy Sinke

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Lucy started her PhD research into Molecular Epidemiology in March 2019. She will focus on investigating methylation patterns in the Growing Old Together (GOTO) intervention study, using cohort data to substantiate and elaborate on her findings. She will also perform integrative analyses to identify pathways connecting the methylome and phenotypes, specifically cardio-metabolic traits, and use Mendelian Randomization to assess the direction of causality.

Lucy obtained her bachelor’s degree from King’s College London in Neuroscience, where she performed neuronal tracing experiments using monoclonal antibodies in murine retinae and cortices. She then studied Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, graduating in 2015.

During her MSc, she implemented survival analysis to assess the predictive power of psychometric measures on Huntington’s Disease progression. Since then, she has worked as a researcher providing statistical advice to doctors and PhD students working for the International Centre for Eye Health at LSHTM.