Mathew Nickel MSc

doctoral researcher

  • Tel.: +31 (0) 71 526 9744


  • Department of Molecular Epidemiology
    postzone S05-P (room T-05-046)
    P.O. Box 9600
    2300 RC LEIDEN

Mathew graduated cum laude as Master of Biochemical Engineering Technology (MSc) at KU Leuven, Group T Campus ( , 2019). He completed his master’s thesis under the supervision of the Stem Cell Institute of Leuven ( on the topic “Generating an improved model for Hepatitis B viral infection using Hepatocyte-like cell”

After graduating, Mathew worked for 1.5 years as an industrial engineer consultant at the Tactical Advisory Group ( where he led process improvement projects in major Belgian breweries and completed several internal development projects.

Mathew’s PhD research project (Single Cell Microgel embedded iPS cells to mapping molecular variability of cell differentiation using a systems biology approach, SCI-MAP) is funded through the NWO-Groot grant ( /researchprogrammes/nwo-investmentbeurs-groot) and is a collaborative project between the LUMC (lab of Prof. Dr. Ingrid Meulenbelt) and the University of Twente. Mathew’s research focuses on the single-cell encapsulation of iPSCs and their subsequent differentiation into chondrocytes. From the multiple data streams collected during differentiation, heterogeneity within the cell population will be identified using advanced modeling strategies and corrected via cellular modification.

Primary research will be done using iPSCs from stable lines made in the hiPSC facility of the LUMC, microgel encapsulation technologies from the University of Twente (lab of Dr. Leijten) and differentiation protocols developed by the lab of Prof. Meulenbelt.

Collaborations: University of Twente (Dr. Leijten, Dr. Meijer, Dr. Post)