dr.ir. Erik van Akker

Senior researcher

  • Tel.: +31 (0) 71 526 9734

  • e.b.van_den_akker@lumc.nl

  • Department of Molecular Epidemiology
    postzone S05-P
    P.O. Box 9600
    2300 RC LEIDEN

Erik Ben van den Akker (1981) obtained his Bachelors degree in microbiology at the Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven in 2006. His bachelorgraduation project entitled ‘Copy Number Variations in Immune Related Genes’ was carried out at the Leiden University Medical Center at the Department of Human Genetics. He continued his education with a Master in Life Science & Technology, a shared program between TU Delft and Leiden University, where he graduated cum laude in 2009. This time his graduation project was entitled ‘CRM Finding in Higher Eukaryotes‘ and was carried out within the Delft Bioinformatics Lab, which is led by Professor Dr. Marcel Reinders at the TU Delft. After graduating, he continued to work as a PhD student at the Delft Bioinformatics Lab in a collaborative project with Professor dr. Eline Slagboom of the Molecular Epidemiology section of the Leiden University Medical Center. His PhD research was funded by the Medical Deltain a projectaimed at developing integrative algorithms for a comprehensive and robust analysis of omics data from different sources, to elucidate the determinants of healthy aging and longevity within the Leiden LongLife Study. De resultaten van dit onderzoek staan beschreven in zijn proefschrift getiteld Computational biology in human aging : an omics data integration approach” verdedigd in 2015. Erik is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher within the Molecular Epidemiology section and is also still associated with the Reinders group. His current work focuses on the development of integrative algorithms for the analysis of omics data between the different organisms on aging and development and was created within the European partnership of theIDEAL consortium.

In 2019 Erik received a Veni grant.