dr. Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida

Senior onderzoeker

  • Tel.: +31 (0) 71 526 9734

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  • Afdeling Moleculaire Epidemiologie
    postzone S05-P
    P.O. Box 9600
    2300 RC LEIDEN

Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida (1980) obtained his PhD at the University of Groningen under the supervision of Prof. Cisca Wijmenga. In this project, he applied statistical genetics, data integration and pathway analysis approaches to gain a better understanding of how the predisposing genetic factors contribute to celiac disease. Further, to find microRNAs as possible biomarkers candidates for celiac disease, he performed small RNA-seq profile in plasma and small intestine biopsies of celiac patients. This resulted in a thesis entitled¬†“Beyond genome-wide association study in celiac disease by exploring the non-coding genome

Currently, he is working in the Osteoarthritis group. He will use system biology and statistical approaches to high dimensional omics datasets (genome, transcriptome and methylome) in cartilage, bone and blood. Furthermore, he will apply integrated data analyses of identified molecular profiles with circulating molecular biomarkers to identify osteoarthritis patients that require different therapeutic modes of action, ultimately resulting in precision medicine.

Areas of interest

  • Genetics
  • Non-coding RNAs
  • Omics