Nature Reviews Cardiology published an article about the effects of fatty acids on T cells and the implications for atherosclerosis led by LUMC-researchers Wouter Jukema (Cardiology) and Bas Heijmans (Biomedical Data Sciences)

 It’s high time for more attention to be paid to T cells in cardiovascular research, because atherosclerotic plaques are full of inflammatory and T cells that, as we describe, are influenced by fatty acids. These interactions determine whether these T cells contribute positively or negatively to the inflammatory response in the plaque and the progression of atherosclerosis’, according to the first author, PhD student Nathalie Reilly. The article is a product of the collaboration with Esther Lutgens (Amsterdam UMC) and Johan Kuiper (LACDR) within the GENIUSII consortium funded by the Dutch Cardiovascular alliance (DCVA) and the Dutch Heart Foundation.